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Dr. Elliott grew up in western PA and graduated from
Grove City College with a degree in biology. After
completing a master's degree at Michigan State
University, he decided veterinary medicine was his
interest and goal. He was accepted into the School of
Veterinary Medicine the same day he was drafted by
Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam won and after 3 years in the
Army as a veterinary technician and a short tour of
Vietnam, he was able to begin veterinary school,
graduating in 1974.
Dr. David M. Elliott, DVM - RETIRED
He has worked in the Pittsburgh area since then, co-founding Northview
Animal Hospital in 1979. He currently is the owner of Gardens Veterinary

Dr. Elliott has been married over 40 years, has 2 grown daughters, 5
grandchildren and a faithful dog, Higgins.

Besides enjoying his grandchildren, his interest include golf, fly fishing and
Dr. Darryl Strobel, DVM
Dr. Strobel was born and raised in
eastern Ohio. He decided early to
become a veterinarian and was very
fortunate to attend and graduate from
Ohio State University.

He began practicing near Lima, Ohio,
moving to Pittsburgh 3 years after
graduation. He has been in Pittsburgh
since 1975.

(412) 366-3400
Dr. Sarakon grew up in western Pennsylvania and moved
to California as a young adult. While there, she earned
degrees in biology and veterinary medicine studying at U.
C., Santa Cruz (Biology) and U.C., Davis, School of
Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.)  She lived in Monterey,
California for 22 years, and during that time also worked
as a veterinary technician and an interpreter for the deaf
(AA Ohlone College)  She practiced veterinary medicine in
Carmel, California before moving back to the east coast.  
Currently, she works at both Garden’s and Hart’s Run
Veterinary Hospitals in Cranberry and Fox Chapel.

Although she treats animals of all sizes and ages, Dr.
Sarakon feels a special affection for her geriatric patients.  
They present a unique challenge, with both physical and
cognitive disorders, but she thinks that a soft hand and
heart go a long way in understanding these animal senior
citizens.  She has a soft spot for shelter animals, too, and
has offered her help in shelters throughout her career.  Her
own three animals were rescues or adopted from shelters.  
Dr. Joni Sarakon, DVM
He is married to Liz and has one grown daughter, two grandchildren and five pets, Ginger, Milo,
Murray, Abby and Jack.

He is active in his church and enjoys jogging and biking.
Dr. Stephanie Day, DVM
When Dr. Sarakon has time off, she enjoys the simple pleasures – rooting for the Pittsburgh
Pirates, spending time with friends, both human and furry (especially dog Sunny and cats Stevie
and Pickle) and linguini with a white clam sauce.  She is pleased to be back in Pittsburgh and can’t
believe her good fortune – she earns a living doing what she loves.
Dr. Day was born in Cincinnati, OH. She attended The
Ohio State University, where she earned both her bachelor
of science in psychology in 2000, and her DVM degree in

Dr. Day has a long standing interest in behavioral medicine.
Her behavior background includes veterinary animal
behavior internships, attending CE given by both veterinary
and ABA behaviorists, performing behavior evaluations on
shelter dogs, teaching puppy and new dog classes, reading
many books from the certified pet dog trainers
recommended reading list, writing handouts for owners,
behavior modification of behavioral issues (especially
aggression), and providing behavior consultations. Her
fascination with behavioral medicine started while treating
her own dog for aggression, under the direction of her
mentor, Traci Shreyer, M.A. She is a member of the
American Society of Veterinary Behavior and the Behavior
Education Network.
Dr Day also has a special interest in dentistry and internal medicine. She feels that keeping pets
free from pain and anxiety can greatly improve their quality of life. She is currently pursuing
certification in Low Stress Handling.

Dr. Day is currently enjoying competing in scent work, obedience, and rally obedience with her
golden retriever, Lila. Her two cats enjoy an indoor life of leisure. Dr. Day has many very
special pets that have already crossed the rainbow bridge.

In her free time, Dr. Day enjoys training Lila, aerobics classes, social media, and reading fiction.